[Heavy, Speed, Power Metal] VA - Dr. Metal Presents: Vol.1 / 2014 / MP3 / 224 kbps

Год выхода: 2014
Жанр: Heavy, Speed, Power Metal
Продолжительность: 07:16:06
Аудио кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 224 kbps


001-Axxis-We Are The World
002-Barque Of Dante-Albert the Miner
003-Blind Guardian-Valhalla
004-Dream Master-Dream Master
005-Dreamtale-We Have No God
007-Primal Fear-Hell
008-Heavy Metal Perse-Viimeisen Sillan Taistelu
009-Iron Savior-Thunder From the Mountains
010-Midnight Chaser-Out On Your Shield
012-Primal Fear-KRebel Faction
013-Reptilian-Signing Out
014-Seven Thorns-Night of Temptation
015-Skull Fist-Sign Of The Warrior
016-Titanium-Here and Now
017-A Hero For The World-Let It Go
018-Altaria-Valley of Rainbows
021-Blaze-Born As A Stranger
022-Blind Guardian-Traveler in Time
023-Charlie Shred-Time to die
024-Chrome Division-Ol
025-Dreamtale-The Signs Were True
026-Эпидемия-Первый шаг
027-Grimner-Hinn Heidinn Sior
028-Heavy Metal Perse-Vainolaista vastaan
029-Iron Savior-Fistraiser
030-Majesty-We Want His Head
031-Metal Inquisitor-Call the Banners
032-Nanowar-Il Cacciatore della Notte
033-Primal Fear-KNever Pray For Justice
034-ReinXeed-Haunted Mansion
035-Reptilian-Preludium Oblivion
036-Scythia-Bear Claw Tavern
037-Skull Fist-Mean Street Rider
038-Zonata-Dream Child
039-Astral Domine-King Of North
040-Axxis-Kingdom Of The Night II
041-Azoria-Big In Japan
042-Barque Of Dante-Follow the King
043-Blaze-The Day I Fell To Earth
044-Blind Guardian-Time What Is Time
045-Circle Of Silence-The Final Chapter
046-Dream Master-Dr.Stein
047-Dreamtale-The Heart After Dark
048-Evertale-Dawn of Winter Night
049-GammaRay-Empire of the Undead
050-Lightning-Sail Away
051-Midnight Chaser-Dynamite
052-Missing Tide-Traces of Fire
054-Primal Fear-King For A Day
055-Reptilian-Bullet Speed
056-Seven Thorns-Mamma Mia
057-Skull Fist-Hour To Live
058-Titanium-Dogmatic Mind
060-Axxis-Dance Into Life
061-Barbarian-Total Metal
062-Blind Guardian-Mirror Mirror
063-Charlie Shred-Death comes to all
064-Dragonland-Sole Survivor
065-Dreamtale-My Next Move
066-Эпидемия-Время героев
067-Heavy Metal Perse-Noitien Tuho
068-Iron Savior-Firestorm
069-Majesty-Bloodshed and Steel
070-Martiria-Across The Mountains
071-Nanowar-Giorgio Mastrota (The Keeper of Inox Steel)
072-Primal Fear-KAlive & On Fire
073-ReinXeed-Guitar Hero
074-Sabaton-To Hell And Back
075-Scythia-Army of the Bear
076-Skull Fist-Don't Stop The Fight
078-A Hero For The World-We Are Forever
079-Axxis-Beyond The Sky
080-Azoria-Seasons Change
081-Barque Of Dante-Lasting Forever
082-Blind Guardian-Ashes To Ashes
083-Dream Master-Asterion
084-Dreamtale-The End Of Our Days
085-Evertale-As Tarsis Falls
086-GammaRay-Born to Fly
087-Heavy Metal Perse-Merirosvokaupunkiin
088-Iron Savior-From Far Beyond Time
089-Midnight Chaser-Awesome Party
090-Nanowar-Feudalesimo e Liberta
091-Primal Fear-Delivering The Black
092-Seven Thorns-Eye of the Storm
093-Skull Fist-Bad For Good
094-Titanium-Curse of the White Flag

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