[Heavy, Speed, Power Metal] VA - Dr. Metal Presents: Vol.3 / 2015 / MP3 / 224 kbps

Год выхода: 2015
Жанр: Heavy, Speed, Power Metal
Продолжительность: 07:17:17
Аудио кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 224 kbps


001-Sinner-A Question Of Honour
002-Dragonforce-Chemical Interference
003-Battle Beast-Speed and Danger
004-Cryonic Temple-Heavy Metal Never Dies
005-Crystal Eyes-Hail The Fallen
006-King Leoric-Time Steals Your Days
007-Rocka Rollas-A Wave Of Firestorms
008-Striker-Rise Up
009-Trick or Treat-Prince with a 1000 Enemies (feat. Andre Matos)
010-Air Raid-Call Of The Warlock
011-Angra-Black Hearted Soul
012-Animetal USA-Ai o Torimodose!!
014-Barbarion-My Rock
015-Bloodbound-Made Of Steel
016-Breitenhold-Guardians of the Black Castle
017-Conquest-I`ve Seen You In My Dreams (Retake 2012)
018-Crosswind-Angels At War
019-Crystal Tears-Beds Are Burning
020-Edgedown-In A Dream
021-Emerald Sun-Planet Metal
022-Feinstein-Rule The World
023-Freedom Call-Edge Of The Ocean
024-Katana-The Reaper
026-Monument-Carry On
027-Noble Beast-Iron Clad Angels
028-Pellek-Fugue State
029-Renegade-The World is Dying
030-Riot-Angel Eyes
033-Sinner-Calm Before The Storm
034-Steel Horse-Live To Rock
035-Stormwitch-Dance With The Witches
036-Veonity-For the Glory
037-Warrant-Face The Death
038-X-Wild-Can't Tame The Wild
039-Alltheniko-Scream For Exciter
040-Astralion-We All Made Metal
041-Battle Beast-Lionheart
042-Cryonic Temple-In Thy Power
043-Crystallion-Vanishing Glory
045-Equilibrium-Wirtshaus Gaudi
046-FireForce-Thunder Will Roll
047-Kenziner-No Turning Back
048-King Leoric-Heavy Metal Sons
049-Lord-Point Of View
050-Montany-Back From The Sky
051-Rocka Rollas-Dark Future
052-Serious Black-Older And Wiser
054-Striker-Taken By Time
055-Tales Of Evening-Hagyj Repulni
056-Thaurorod-Planet X
057-Trick or Treat-Paper Dragon
059-Alpha Tiger-Shut Up & Think
060-Animetal USA-Yuke Yuke Hyuuma
062-Attack-Back To Attack
063-Bloodbound-When All Lights Fail
064-Breitenhold-The Windhorse Knight
065-Conquest-Frozen Sky (Retake 2012)
066-Crosswind-Eye Of The Storm
067-Crystal Eyes-The Lord Of Chaos
068-Enforcer-Evil Attacker
069-Freedom Call-Heart Of A Warrior
071-Kissin' Dynamite-V.I.P. In Hell
072-Monument-Rock The Night
073-Noble Beast-We Burn
074-Orden Ogan-F.E.V.E.R
075-Pellek-God's Pocket
076-Razorwyre-Knights Of Fire
077-Scanner-The Judgement
078-Shadowbane-Tear Down The Wall
079-Silent Force-Caught In Their Wicked Game
080-Sinner-There Will Be Execution
081-Stormwitch-The Devil's Bride
082-Twilight Force-Forest Of Destiny
083-Twilightning-The Escapist
084-Veonity-Slaves in a Holy War
085-Vexillum-Run Runaway
086-Visigoth-Dungeon Master
087-Wardrum-After Forever
088-Wolfcry-Enola Gay
089-Battle Beast-Heros Quest
090-Cryonic Temple-Metal Brothers
091-Crystal Tears-Rock n Growl
092-Dragonforce-Three Hammers
093-King Leoric-Warrior's Tune
094-Rocka Rollas-Heavy Metal Kings
095-Sinner-Under The Gun
096-Striker-The White Knight
097-Trick or Treat-Freedom

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