[Heavy, Speed, Power Metal] VA - Dr. Metal Presents: Vol.4 / 2015 / MP3 / 224 kbps

Год выхода: 2015
Жанр: Heavy, Speed, Power Metal
Продолжительность: 07:16:33
Аудио кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 224 kbps


001-Nostrdameus-One For All, All For One
002-Dawn of Silence-Cage Of Fear
003-Cain's Offering-Child Of The Wild
004-Demolition Train-All Hell Is Breaking Loose
005-Masters Of Disguise-Hammerhead
006-Мужчины в Металле-Наследники Метала
008-Rough Silk-Reborn To Wait
009-Saintsbleed-Bleed Attack
010-Storyteller-God Of War
011-Vhaldemar-I Made My Own Hell
013-Asgard-Asgard Invasion
014-Civilization One-Legends Of The Past (Carry On)
015-Elvenpath-Queen Millennia
016-Enforcer-Hell Will Follow
017-Galloglass-Burden Of Grief
018-Ghost Machinery-Name Remains In History
019-Hammer King-I Am The Hammer King
020-Hibria-Defying The Rules
021-Instanzia-Power Of The Mind
022-Judicator-Coping Mechanism
023-Kiske Somerville-Last Goodbye
025-Lancer-Masters And Crowns
026-Magic Kingdom-Guardian Angels
027-Магистр-Радио "Идеал"
028-Majesty-Knights of the Empire
029-Morton-Werewolf Hunt
030-Nostrdameus-Out Of This World
032-Powerglove-Storm Eagleed Stage
033-Qantice-The Gest Of Nekroxyter
035-Rob Rock-Eyes Of Eternity
036-Scorpions-RocknRoll Band
037-Space Vacation-Say My Name
039-VII Gates-Seconds Left To Live
040-Burning Black-Hero Of The Century
041-Cain's Offering-Constellation Of Tears
042-Civil War-Saint Patricks Day
043-Dawn of Silence-Escape The Night
044-Demolition Train-Unleash The Hordes
045-Drakkar-Gods of Thunder
046-EdGuy-La Marche Des Gendarmes
047-Estate-Holy Land (Fantasia)
049-Iron Fire-Ironhead
050-Masters Of Disguise-Sins Of The Damned
051-Мужчины в Металле-Дух наш един
052-Nostrdameus-Nightmare Prophecy
053-Paragon-The Art Of War
054-Primitai-Fortune Favours The Brave
055-Rough Silk-Black Leather
056-Saintsbleed-Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs
057-ShadowQuest-Freewheel Burning
058-Storyteller-Let Your Spirit Fly
059-UDO-Under Your Skin
060-Vhaldemar-I Will Raise My Fist
062-Almah-Birds of Prey
064-Battle Beast-Madness
065-Crosswind-Nephilim Rising
067-Elvenpath-Wild Boars of Steel
068-Ghost Machinery-Send Me An Angel
069-Guardians of Time-Point of no Return
070-Hammer King-We Are The Hammer
071-Hibria-The Saga Will Begin
072-Involution-My Own Mind
074-Kiske Somerville-Run With a Dream
075-Korpiklaani-Viinamden Mies
076-Magic Kingdom-Rivals Forever
077-Majesty-Rulers of the World
078-Morgana Lefay-Shadow Empire
079-Nostrdameus-Master Of The Night
080-Panzer-Virtual Collision
081-Поликлиника-Щит и Меч
082-Powerglove-The Flintstones
083-Rob Rock-Rock The Earth
084-Scorpions-We Built This House
085-Sinergy-Return To The Fourth World
086-Unicorn-Eagle Fly Free
087-Vhaldemar-Fight To The End
088-Wind Rose-Spartacus
089-Cain's Offering-I Will Build You A Rome
090-Dawn of Silence-I'm Not Your Hero
091-Demolition Train-Wrecking Crew
092-Masters Of Disguise-The Enforcer
093-Мужчины в Металле-Победа
094-Nostrdameus-Brother In Chains
095-Paragon-The Gods Made Heavy Metal
096-Rough Silk-A New Beginning
097-Saintsbleed-The Path of the Warrior
098-Storyteller-Sacred Fire

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