[Heavy, Speed, Power Metal] VA - Dr. Metal Presents: Vol.5 / 2015 / MP3 / 224 kbps

Год выхода: 2015
Жанр: Heavy, Speed, Power Metal
Продолжительность: 07:17:31
Аудио кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 224 kbps


001-Heavy Metal-Hymn
002-Blasdead-Killer Of The Skies
003-Adastra-Get Back To The Ring
004-Edguy-Key To My Fate
005-Artizan-You Can't Take The Metal
006-Helloween-Falling Higher
007-Noble Beast-Behold the Face of your Enemy
008-UDO-Freelance Man
009-Winterage-The Harmonic Passage
010-Witchbound-Die Sword In Hand
011-Kiske Somerville-City of Heroes
012-Ballistic-Silent Killer
013-Black Destiny-Renegade (Fallen Angel)
014-Blackwelder-Play Some More
015-Crystal Eyes-Roads Of Lonllyness
016-Falconer-Purgatory Time
017-Galloglass-Dragons Revenge
018-Guardians of Time-Tomorrow Never Comes
019-Iron Fire-The Kingdom
020-Iron Savior-H.M. Powered Man
021-Adastra-Stood My Ground
022-Magic Kingdom-Battlefield Magic
023-Mago de Oz-Celtic Land Jonne
024-Masters Of Disguse-Never Surrender
025-Meduza-Touch The Sky
026-Metal Inc-Rise up!
027-Midnight Priest-Cidade fantasma
028-Nostrdameus-Evil Prophecies
030-Phoenix Rixing-Abaddon
031-Sabaton-Night Witches
032-Space Odyssey-Dazzle The Devil
033-Thy Majestie-Up To The Battle
034-Treasure Seeker-Flames Of Fire
035-Voyager-The Ancient Labyrinth
036-WIZ-One Chapter Of A Fairytale
037-Wolfpakk-Rider of the Storm
038-Nocturnal Rites-New World Messiah
039-Artizan-Into The Sun
040-Beholder-The Ring Of Freedom
041-Blasdead-Empty House
042-Cage-Hell Destroyer
043-Edguy-Power And Majesty
044-Evil Invaders-Stairway To Insanity
045-Helloween-Hell Was Made In Heaven
046-Dark Moor-A New World
047-Ironsword-First Masters
048-Mesmerize-Bloody Mary
049-Moonlight Agony-Ghost
050-Noble Beast-Disintegrating Force
051-Primal Fear-Too Much Time
052-Sonata Arctica-UnOpened
053-Timeless Miracle-The Red Rose
055-Winterage-Victory March
056-Witchbound-Dance Into The Fire
057-Adastra-Ripcord Rock
058-Blackwelder-With Flying Colors
059-Dio (This Is Your Life)-Rainbow In The Dark
060-FireForce-Moonlight Lady
061-Iron Savior-Metal Invaders
062-Korpiklaani-Pilli On Pajusta Tehty
063-Landing Heroes-Horizon
064-Magic Kingdom-With Fire And Sword
065-Mago de Oz-Melodian
066-Masters Of Disguse-For Now And All Time (Knutson's Return)
067-Metal Inc-Deceiver
068-Midnight Priest-A boleia com o diabo
069-Nostrdameus-Hymn To These Lands
070-Olympos Mons-Through The Ice And Snow
071-Pyramaze-Back For More
072-Sabaton-No Bullets Fly
073-Savage Circus-Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
074-Savage Messiah-Hammered Down
075-Taunted-One Demon At A Time
076-Treasure Seeker-A Tribute To The Past
077-Unisonic-Your Time Has Come
078-Vengeance-Me And You
079-Vhaldemar-Black Beast
080-WIZ-Return Of Atlantis
081-Wolfpakk-Rise of the Animal
082-Nocturnal Rites-Avalon
084-Artizan-The Death Of Me
085-Blasdead-Another Dimension
086-Cage-Rise Of The Beast
087-Crystal Eyes-The Lord Of Chaos
088-Edguy-Sacred Hell
089-Helloween-We Damn The Night
090-Noble Beast-The Noble Beast
091-UDO-Metal Eater
093-Witchbound-Holy Ground
094-X-Wilde-Hands Held High

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